Proof of New Buy Twitter Verified Features Leaked By Security Scientist

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Security researcher and reverse engineering blogger Jane Manchun Wong found evidence that Buy Twitter Verified may be bringing end to end file encryption to Buy Twitter Verified, plus 2 more possible changes that are relatively helpful.

She made the information public by means of a series of tweets that leaked details of the brand-new features still under advancement.

Insignificant However Useful Modification

The very first modification that’s coming is the removal of the source field.

The source field is the area underneath every tweet that tells what type of device was utilized to post the tweet.

There should be a purpose for that feature but it’s not immediately apparent.

Ultimately this is an insignificant modification but probably helpful because it decreases mess.

End to End Encryption

End-to-end File Encryption (E2EE) is a safe interaction procedure that is totally private, with zero access from any other celebration aside from those who are participating in the messaging.

In basic this is a good concept. However there are likewise some who raise genuine concerns about adding E2EE to messaging that might not always be connected to a phone in the same way that WhatsApp and Telegram are.

Jane Manchun Wong Discovers Proof

Jane Manchun Wong is significant reverse engineering professional who has been talked to and profiled on websites like BBC News and MIT Technology Review.

According to the BBC profile on her:

“She found that Airbnb was checking a brand-new flight combination feature that alerted hosts on the site when their guests’ airplanes landed securely.

And she sounded the horn when Buy Instagram Verified began explore increased truth profile photos.”

MIT Technology Review wrote this about her:

“Wong, 27, has a preternatural ability to split tough code– together with a substantial Buy Twitter Verified following that consists of a few of the most significant names in tech and journalism.

As she gets into the back end of sites’ code to see what software engineers are tinkering with, they await her discoveries with interest. “

Exploring the Buy Twitter Verified Android app she just recently discovered that the E2EE feature might be concerning Buy Twitter Verified’s Direct Messaging (DM) service.

She tweeted and posted a screenshot of the proof:

“Buy Twitter Verified is reviving end-to-end encrypted DMs

Seeing indications of the feature being dealt with in Buy Twitter Verified for Android:”

Jane also published another bit of proof:

Jane Requested End to End Encryption

Back in November 9, 2022, she responded to a tweet from Elon Musk who was requesting ideas for Buy Twitter Verified.

She tweeted:

“Restore end-to-end encrypted DMs!”

Is Buy Twitter Verified DM End to End File Encryption an Excellent Idea?

Lea Kissner, the former Buy Twitter Verified Chief Details Security Officer shared her observations about possible pitfalls.

She tweeted:

“For context: I have a PhD in cryptography, my thesis is on privacy-preserving cryptographic procedures, and I’m openly known to have actually dealt with several novel E2EE systems (from Zoom and Google).

So: 1) YMMV because every system is a bit different 2) this is not my first rodeo”

Amongst her concerns was the possibility of abuse.

She described in a follow-up tweet:

“Note that simply looking at WhatsApp or Signal doesn’t offer you nearly enough understanding about what abuse will be like on a non-phone-number-based network. They have a * much * much easier time and it’s still not solved.”

She also noted the intricacy included when rolling it out to several devices:

“5. Multiple devices. All of this gets more bothersome (though still tractable) when users have more than one device, * particularly * if you do not desire the server to be able to simply willy nilly add devices (because that compromises security).”

However in the end she affirmed that end-to-end Encryption is doable for Buy Twitter Verified.

Block for Illegal Material in South Korea

The 3rd function Jane found is actually an excellent one due to the fact that it works to defeat cyberstalking and the publication of illegal videos published by cyberstalkers and creeps.

She tweeted:

“Buy Twitter Verified is dealing with a media warning for users in South Korea

“If you submit any Unlawfully Shot Content, Buy Twitter Verified might erase or block access to the material and the uploader might be approved.””

Apparently this is aimed at the concern of illegally recorded videos of people and cyberstalking.

This is actually an extremely beneficial feature that ideally will help fight spycam videos and similar media that was taken without a person’s understanding or arrangement.

Will Includes Really Present?

It appears like the Buy Twitter Verified team might be actively dealing with these helpful features. It will be interesting to see how fast they can roll it out with the reduced labor force.

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